Would You Wear Makeup?

TSJ talked to Nate Schaefer, the founder of the manly company, The Hate Pimples, about dudes getting in on the makeup game. 

The Smoking Jacket: So, dude makeup. Makeup for dudes. Here’s the thing. I got my samples and they’ve been piled in a neat tower on my bathroom sink for a while, and even though I keep bugging my dude to slather some cover up over top of his muy perfect complexion to give them a test run, he won’t get into it — not out of any kind of principle — he just keeps forgetting. He’s not a makeup kinda guy, which might be one of the reasons things work out with us, chemically. But anyway, I’ve tried it myself. It’s pretty solid cover up. It smells sort of all-natural-ish. Like tea-tree-oil-ish, which leads me to wonder: Is They Hate Pimples supposed to hide said pimples or kill them? 

Nate Schaefer: They Hate Pimples delivers an immediate impact to cover up pimple problems. This hypoallergenic cream is a high-quality formulation with tea tree oil – an ingredient known to fight pimples.

TSJ: Alright — a little of both, then. So why should dudes get into makeup?

NS: A whopping 32 million pimple-prone guys will zit-out during their lifetime, and previously, there was no quick-fix pimple solution out there just for guys. There’s no reason why guys shouldn’t be able to cover up their zits like their female counterparts. However They Hate Pimples isn’t about enhancement, it’s zit camouflage for guys who just want to look in the mirror and see themselves. This actually hides the problem immediately.


TSJ: Where is it made?

NS: They Hate Pimples is American-made in Vermont.

TSJ: How many shades do you carry?

NS: There are three varieties to match many guy’s skin tone – pale ale, medium lager and amber ale. Plans are in the works to introduce the ‘stout’ family for darker skin tones as well.

TSJ: Here’s the dicey part — women take years to learn how to apply makeup, and we’re constantly learning new tricks. Are dudes going around with dollups of coverup going on? Do you give them an educational video?

NS: Guys put on eye-black before a football game and sunblock before hitting the beach. It’s as simple as any cream a guy puts on his skin. But for those that need visual or written instructions, we have created a video that includes easy instructions as well as tips on the website, “Dab your finger into the tin and then just start putting it on the pimple until you can no longer see it. Don’t go too crazy. Play it cool, just like you do with the ladies.”

TSJ: Why did you call it “They Hate Pimples” instead of “They Hate Zits”?

NS: During our initial “pimple” research, we found that the term “pimples” is more commonly used than “zit.” So when guys are looking for a solution to their pimple problems, they’ll be more likely find their answer quickly in “They Hate Pimples.”

TSJ: With that kind of product name, you’re saying dudes are covering up their nasty pock marks for the ladies. Do you think that makes it easier for them to consider trying it?

NS: We know guys make decisions about their grooming routine based on whether it makes them more or less attractive to women. Pimples make them less attractive. Scientific fact. Problem: there is shame in having a pimple on your face. Solution: camouflage it. We want guys to know there is nothing girly about this product. They Hate Pimples was built for guys, by guys.

TSJ: A lot of makeup lines are catering to men’s skincare more and more. What do you think the future is for men’s makeup?

NS: To the everyday guy, we say, “Make-up is for women. Make-normal is for guys.” While the ingredients are in the same family of products, the reason for use is totally different. They Hate Pimples is meant to bring guys back to the base version of themselves. He gets peace of mind and the ladies get to maintain eye contact.