Win Wrapsol iPhone Protection

iPhone addicts worship their phone like a lifeline, constantly checking every aspect of their digital lives.  One report found that people are plugged into their smartphones even when they are on the toilet.  What if your iPhone happened to get a scratch? Or drop to the floor?  Screams of panic would flood the vicinity.  That’s why this week you can win a Wrapsol ultra drop and scratch protection for your Apple iPhone 4.

Wrapsol helps prevent device damage wear and tear.  The custom-cut films are glossy, optically clear, and easy to apply.  In the disastrous event that your keys and smartphone end up in the same pocket, Wrapsol will protect your phone from scratches, dings, and dents.  Also, if you get drunk and can’t seem to hold onto your phone, this protects your device from falls of up to six feet (so don’t ‘test’ it by throwing your phone off the roof).

To win the Wrapsol ultra drop and scratch protection for your Apple iPhone 4, be the first seven comments to tell us about your most unfortunate phone story.  Did you drop it in a port-o-potty?  Did you smash your phone against the wall when your cable was out?

Contest closes Monday, February 21st.

Be sure to provide a legit e-mail address when you comment so we can contact you.

Sorry, U.S. contestants only.