Win This: Man-Approved Concrete Kitchen Products

You did it: You’re finally out of that post-dorm bachelor’s studio you called home for those few years after college, when working temp jobs and partying like you’re 19 was an acceptable career choice. Maybe you bumped it up to a classy one-bedroom with leather furniture. That you didn’t find on Craigslist. Or get from Ikea. Congratulations! Welcome to the real world.

We’re celebrating your life achievements by giving you the chance to win these classy and subtle kitchen accessories from the good folks at Culinarium. They make concrete kitchen products as stylish as they are understated, and best of all, they don’t scream “my girlfriend got me these at Bed Bath and Beyond.” If you’re man enough to use a coaster in the first place, make it a man’s coaster, you know?

Here’s what you’ll win:

Two concrete drink coasters, as pictured above, embossed with the Latitude and Longitude coordinates of the Playboy Mansion.

This white concrete salt cellar:

And two white concrete salt and pepper shakers.

Deck out your dinner table with concrete and retain your masculinity, courtesy of your friends here at TSJ and Culinarium. It’s the least we can do to help you finally get a girlfriend. And be sure to check out Culinarium’s sister site, Port Living Co., for more kitchen awesomeness.

To win, leave a comment below about the one thing in your kitchen you can’t live without. That indispensable bottle of Sriracha in the fridge? Those CutCo knives you thought were a scam until they changed your life? The funniest and most unique entry wins everything outlined above.

Contest closes Tuesday, October 25th.

Sorry, U.S. citizens only.

Be sure to provide a legitimate email address so we can contact you if you win.