Win a Ballistic Hard Core iPhone Case

The good people at Ballistic think that at some point, everyone will drop their phone. We couldn’t agree more. Ballistic says, “Just Drop It!” — as long as you are using a Ballistic case. “Ballistic cases are Designed to Survive Life!” We are giving away five Ballistic HC iPhone 4 protective cases.

Apparently sometimes surviving life means running over your iPhone with a car, dropping an iPhone from the top of a building, or having a two-year-old throw your phone as hard as they can from the couch. Check out this video, hilarity ensues:

Here’s the details of this survive-all case:
• Ballistic HC (Hard Core) design comprised of five dependable layers of protection for your mobile device
• Includes an interchangeable outer gel skin layer, front facing inward holster and built in screen protector
• Advanced rugged case engineered to ensure long-term survival against drops and scratches
• Advanced shock absorption material isolated vibrations to protect your device
• Sleek, edgy appearance adds a fashionable and unique appeal
• Compatible with both the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4

To win, tell us about a time when you smashed something in the comments below.  Did you break your electronics or iPhone?  Was it an accident or on-purpose?  Did you smash your guitar against an amp, throw a vase against the way, or drop your iPhone from a tower?  Five winners will be selected at random from the comments below.

Contest closes August 28th.

Sorry, U.S. citizens only.

Please provide a legitimate email address so we can contact you.

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