Video Dump: When Elvis Was Cool

Mention Elvis Presley and a myriad of images go through ones mind; the infamous sneer, the giant sideburns and unfortunately, all the cheesy impersonators in Las Vegas. Elvis Presley left us a troubled man who also happened to be extremely overweight and unfortunately, this is why most people remember Elvis at his absolute worst.  It’s an unfair memory of a man that was the epitome of cool for a majority of his life.  Every girl wanted to do him and every guy wanted to be him.  Even now, years after his death, if you watch one of his performances, there’s still no one who can quite pull off a natural, panty dropping cool like Elvis Presley did.

Here’s 6 videos of why 50′s, 60′s and yes, even the the 70′s Elvis, showing why he was the coolest guy to ever hit the stage.

Elvis: Ready Teddy – First appearance on Ed Sullivan

Too Much – Waist up only performance

Elvis and Frank Sinatra; Welcome Home special

Elvis Presley: Return to Sender

Elvis Presley: Trouble 1968 Comeback Special

Lil Sister – Little Sister/Get Back Recording Studio Sessions

Elvis Presley Live 1972