Video Dump: RIP Dave Brubeck

The jazz composer and pianist, Dave Brubeck, died today, just a day shy of  his 92nd birthday.

Brubeck’s jazz isn’t just some muzakal backdrop to another of your parents’ martini holiday parties. It’s way smarter and more challenging than any of that shit. It could beat that shit up with one hand and still slam the piano in 13/7 time without missing a beat (except if it was on purpose).

Brubeck, whose 1959 recording Time Out, is one of the best-selling jazz albums of all time, is also known for his recordings of Take Five and Blue Rondo a la Turk. Other random facts: Brubeck almost became a vet, he took two music classes with Schoenberg, he was the first modern jazz musician to have his face plastered all over Time magazine. Also dude had some fly ‘do going on in the ’66 vids, below.

So celebrate this guy. Listen to some jazz. Make a sandwich. Hope you live till you’re 92, too.

Dave Brubeck – 40 Days – 1966

Dave Brubeck - Take Five – 1966

Dave Brubeck – Take The ‘A’ Train – 1966

These Foolish Things -Dave Brubeck 1959

Dave Brubeck – My Favorite Things