Video Dump: Real Life Heroes; No Tights Necessary


BEING A SUCKER FOR HAPPY ENDINGS comes in at a close second to being suckers for dogs, which is why we couldn’t help but watch this viral video of  Fiona, a blind dog living in a trash pile who was rescued and eventually adopted to a happy home.  While we fully expected to have our hearts crushed and pureed, leaving a hole full of tears in our soul, (yeah, we’re dramatic but at least we’re poetic about it), we didn’t expect to have our hearts and faith in humanity restored to a glossy sheen by the end of the video.

So take a break from the awfulness that vomits all over your Facebook wall and resides in the YouTube comments section and watch what happens when one cheeseburger, love and awesome people work together to help our best friends.

Here’s just a few of the dogs who were rescued and placed into a loving home by Hope For Paws.






To see more rescue videos from Hope For Paws, go to their website and participate in the awesomeness by giving a small (cough… LARGE!… cough) donation.