Video Dump: Holograms Taking Entertainment to Another Level

ARE YOU STILL TRIPPING OVER HOLOGRAM TUPAC? No? Well before you move on and start LOL-ing at the next hilarious viral meme hitting the Internet, take a moment and really think about how much better this hologram thing is going to get. Pretty soon, it’s very possible that you can have live performances from your favorite music band right in your living room without having to change into your nice underwear, or have some coffee with a friend from another country in your kitchen, or a hologram lapdance from a stripper in Las Vegas while you’re on a business trip in Michigan.

Holograms are the future and as it turns out, the Tupac hologram is just one of the many times holograms have stolen the show.

Gorillaz & Madonna 2006

Girls Aloud ,

Elvis & Celine Dion

Kate Moss Hologram at fashion show

CNN Hologram TV first