Video Dump: Have We Told You Lately That You’re Awesome?

It’s easy to forget how amazing people are when you’re inundated by the news with how awful everything is and how we’re the root cause of all that awfulness. People are ruining the environment, people are chopping up all the trees, people are killing off the animals, people are making reality shows; it’s a huge downer that we’re the Earth’s cockroach problem. But you know what? We’re not all that bad. If you look past YouTube commenters and The Real Housewives, people in general can be pretty awesome.

Even if you’re just at the office and not jumping off the plane today, you have awesomeness in you that you can let out by not being so hard on yourself, not being so hard on other people and giving others more bacon. (Because bacon is awesome too but that’s a whole other video post.) When we manage to get ourselves past our fears, our issues and our hangups, our ability to accomplish amazing things fires on all cylinders.

Here are five videos of people who did exactly that.

X-Tremely awesome

People are awesome

People are awesome 2011

People are awesome, the ultimate compilation

People are awesome 2012

People are awesome, by Skillzmedia