Video Dump: Ghosts Caught On Tape

There’s been a lot of shows on television lately about ghosts, specifically, ghost hunting. So much so, that you can actually buy ghost detecting equipment if you wanted to do a little ghost hunting of your own at your local haunted house.

But the guys that started it all, Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters, the number 1 paranormal reality series on television, are still at the head of the pack when it comes to documenting real life haunts. They’ve been on for several years and during that time, they’ve debunked thousands of supposed hauntings and ghosts to tricks of light, shadows, the air vent or just a plain old creaky building. However, they’ve also caught amazing footage of things that they still can’t explain away.

Here are 6 videos of Ghost Hunter’s best evidence caught on tape.

Ghost Hunters‘ best evidence

Top 10 best Ghost Hunters evidence of Season 3, Part 1

Top 10 best Ghost Hunters evidence from Season 3

Best EVP from Ghost Hunters

Chilling moment…

The top 10 best video clips from Ghost Hunters

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