Video Dump: Epic Breakdance Battles

A battle is defined as two or more forces engaged in a combat, seeking to defeat the other.  There’s been some memorable battles that have gone down in the history books, whether it’s during war, like the Alamo or an amazing sports event like Ali vs. Frasier; there’s nothing quite like an all out battle to determine who’s the best.

Dancing probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a traditional ‘battle,’but when it comes to breakdancing, a head to head showdown of skills is the norm.  Red Bull even hosts a breakdance championship every year, where some of the best B-boys showcase their amazing breakdancing moves by battling other B-Boys from around the world.

Armed with only their dance skills and music, here’s 6 epic breakdance battles where there were no casualties except maybe the loser’s ego.

Junior vs. Darkness

Milky Vs Lil Demon

Crew breakdance battle in Austria

Neguin vs Just Do it

Lilou vs Cloud

Lil G vs Roxrite

Machine vs Hong 10