Bros Icing Bros

Bros Icing Bros is one of those rare internet memes that exists virtually and IRL (in real life, n00b). It roared to life with, grew virally this spring and burned white hot over the past week with a rush of national press. Sadly, it looks like the domain has been shut down. The site now reads: “We had a good run Bros…” Let’s pour an Ice Wild Grape on the curb to honor our Bros and remember the good times.

Airport ICE (Bros Icing Bros)

Gotta enjoy the methods employed here. A big part of the Icing tradition is the element of a carefully planned surprise. Icing isn’t just handing a Bro an Ice, but blindsiding him with it. The Ice-r gets bonus points for hiding the Ice in his checked luggage. That’s asking for a broken bottle and Ice all over your clothes. He risked clean laundry for his entire trip and flaunted open container laws just to Ice his bro in the airport.

Bros Beaning Bros

It’s hard to really explain this…err… leveling up of the Icing phenomenon. Anyone who has ever appeared as a human food processor in a high school variety show and eaten butter, raw eggs and an assortment of other crap understands just how awful this modified form of Icing truly is.

Bros Roofie-ing Bros

This bit of sketch comedy from The B-Squad swaps roofies for Ice, but it’s also one of the most illustrative videos if you looking to learn the general rules of Icing. Bottom’s up, Bro!