Turtle’s Tequila Hits the Spot

avion tequila

It’s not always fun and games at TSJ Headquarters. Sometimes you’re forced to try brand new, high-end tequila that’s currently being featured on HBO’s Entourage. Yep, we got a sample of the trendy Avion Silver (tequilaavion.com) to see whether Turtle and Vinnie Chase are justified in their admiration.

The result? You can definitely tell the difference between the cheap stuff and this bottle of pure luxury, which incorporates grapefruit, pineapple and black pepper into the mix. It goes down smooth and gets your head jumping almost immediately.

As of now it’s only available in Cali and New York, though there are plans for a more widespread release. Until then, you may have to keep living vicariously through Johnny Drama.

johnny drama