Tuesday Tune: Sean Bones “United” + Converse Rubber Tracks

Cape Cod-based musician, Sean Bones (maybe you caught him in the indie flick “Wah Do Dem”), recorded “United” at Converse Rubber Tracks with the help of Saara Untracht Oakner (You Can Be a Wesley, Lil Reignbo) on bass and Juston Stens (Get Real Gang, Dr. Dog) on drums. The song was written in one sitting. What!


Watch the recording process in Converse Rubber Track’s “Oh Hello!” and listen to Bones talk about the creative process he uses when writing his music with “Track of the Week.”

Oh Hello!

Track of the Week

Download “Untiled” for free at the Converse Facebook page.

Sean Bones: SeanBones.com
Converse Rubber Tracks: converse.com/rubbertracks