TSJ Interviews NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski

NASCAR DRIVER, BRAD KESELOWSKI, caused a stir at this year’s Daytona 500 when he became the first driver to tweet during a race. Keselowski’s social media interactions during the race caught fire–he earned 130,000 new Twitter followers overnight and became one of the most-talked about stories the next day. The 2010 Nationwide Series Champ is known for sharing almost anything to his Twitter followers (@Keselowski)–last year after a rough wreck in testing he posted a photo of his ankle that would make some squirm!

But the 28-year-old can do more than Instagram his way to fame: Keselowski led the March 18 Food City 500 race–the cornerstone event of the 2012 spring race weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway–by 232 laps, by far the most of his Sprint Cup career.

The Smoking Jacket: What prompted the Daytona 500 Tweeting? Can you believe the response you’ve gotten? 

BK: Well, I first want to say that I never Tweeted while I was driving. My car was parked and turned off. I do not condone tweeting or texting while driving. I don’t do it in my personal car.

I guess you could say that I was somewhat surprised by the response. My thinking behind the entire deal was that if I was a fan, I would want to see a driver tweet during the red flag. I didn’t plan on there being a red flag, but once we got out of the car it seemed like a cool idea. I’m glad the fans liked it.

Scenes from Keselowski’s tweets.

TSJ: You had a crash recently–what are you thinking when you’re speeding over 100 mph at a safety barrier? 

BK: We had a brake malfunction and the time in-between knowing the brakes weren’t going to stop me, and hitting the wall made for a pretty helpless feeling. But my Miller Lite Dodges are well-built and very safe.

TSJ: Do you know how to crash safely? 

BK: I don’t think you ever really learn how to crash. It’s not something I really want to have a lot of practice doing.

TSJ: You famously posted a pic of your busted, post-crash ankle last year. How’s it doing these days?

BK: The ankle is 100 percent. The off-season gave me plenty of time to let it heal.

TSJ: I hear you have a beer delivery system a lot of people would kill for–give us the details on that!

BK: Miller Lite is a great sponsor. I’m honored to continue the tradition of the ‘Blue Deuce,’ which has a very rich tradition of success on the racetrack. Beyond that, there are some very cool perks that come with driving that car. One of them is that a beer truck will deliver beer to my shop at Brad Keselowski Racing. I want to make sure that I have plenty of Miller Lite at my house and with me at the racetrack so people can stop by and have a beer with me.

TSJ: That’s pretty friendly of you. So what are your top badass driving tips?

  • Always have a way to play your iPod. Good music is a must.
  • Never text while driving.
  • American muscle always rules.
  • Pay f’ing attention!

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