TSJ Interviews Eve to Adam Frontman, Taki Sassari

The Smoking Jacket caught up with Eve to Adam, a rock-anthem, guitar-heavy band that released its album Banquet For a Starving Dog last September.

Eve to Adam have toured with Daughtry and Motley Crue, as well as Saliva, POD, Three Doors Down, The Exies, 12 Stones, Crossfade, and Saving Abel. They just recorded a cover version of Alice Cooper’s famous “School’s Out”, and Alice himself gave it the thumbs up on his radio show after he heard it.

TSJ talked to frontman Taki Sassari.

The Smoking Jacket: How cool is it that Alice Cooper played your cover of “School’s Out” on his radio show?

Eve to Adam: It was awesome! It was surreal listening to Alice spin our version of his song, and the fact that Alice Cooper actually knows who we are now… and of course it doesn’t hurt that he said we should be opening for him. Let us know know the time and place, Alice — our tour bus is ready to go!

TSJ: Why did you decide to release a cover? Why did you choose this one?

Eve to Adam: We wanted to pay tribute to Alice. We’ve been fans forever. With the summer coming up, “School’s Out” just seemed to be the perfect choice because it will always be a timeless anthem for kids and adults alike… of course, with any cover of such an classic song, you need to be be respectful to the original while adding your own flavor to it… We really thought we could give it a modern heavy rock update, so we decided to go for it.

TSJ: Was it tough to record it in only two days?

Eve to Adam: It was a challenge, but for good reason: We had just played three shows in a row supporting Creed — two nights at the Beacon Theatre in NYC and then a show at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut. We only had two days before the next Creed date in Washington DC, so there really was no other time we could get in to the studio. We basically went straight from the gig to the studio with no sleep and spent the next two days straight recording with producer Mike Watts. Needless to say, we were tired, but that’s rock and roll! Everybody stepped up and we’re really proud of the way the song turned out.

TSJ: Are you guys playing any shows this summer?

Eve to Adam: Yes,  we’ll be hitting a few radio festivals, such as 94.1 Rockfest in Aberdeen, South Dakota on July 13, and we’re also waiting for confirmation on some tours. See you out there!

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