Spray on Clothing in a Can is the Latest Invention You Don’t Need

Spray On Shirt

In what must be an attempt to challenge Japan for the title of most batshit insane country in the game, scientists in London recently unveiled a new creation, the spray on shirt.

Designed using a solvent that keeps fabrics in liquid form, the spray on shirt in a can is perfect for anyone who has an extra 45 minutes of free time available in the morning to spend applying space age polymers and such to their torso. We’re usually quite pressed for time in the morning, what with all the drinking and stuff, but we must admit, after seeing the results of this revolutionary idea we’re fervently trying to free up some morning time to work it into our routine.

Shirt in a CanFASHION!

The best part about this future-tastic innovation is that it’s reusable, so you don’t have to worry about buying a new can of aerosol gauze every single time you want to get dolled up and impress your lame, non-spray on clothing wearing friends. No, instead you just meticulously peel your new fashion statement off of your thankful skin and toss it in the wash. It’s almost as easy as dressing like a normal person!

To see the spray on shirt in action, check out the video below. Despite what the header image of this article may imply, you will not see any boobage though, sorry.