Win a Cool iPod Docking Station

Parties get awkward fast when people run out of things to talk about, the drinks evaporate and the food runs out.  But it’s an easy problem to fix. All you have to do to cure a boring get-together is pump up the music.  After all, blasting music is the best way to eliminate small talk.  And the best way to bring your music to the party is with an iPod docking station.

What’s that? You don’t have an iPod docking station? What is this, 1972?

Luckily for you and your outdated standards of technological advancement, we can fix you right up with this week’s giveaway. We have five unique docking stations from and we’re giving them away!

What are these interesting shaped iPod docks and why are they so cool?

iCrystal: This docking station boasts one of the most unique designs.  The illuminating globes and teardrop design were awarded “Best of Show” by iLounge.  It also features a remote control, big plus.

Cool iPig: The cool iPig has the industry’s first advanced motion detection technology.  By simply waving your hand – you to control volume, skip tracks, and play/pause your music. Did we mention it’s a sunglass wearing pig?

iBoo: This docking station features three speakers, including a built-in four-inch subwoofer.  Clearly, the iBoo is the scariest iDock on the market.

iPanda and iPig: These docks look cute but boast a booming bass. They each have four speakers and a four-inch subwoofer.

MiSoccer: The ultimate docking station for sports fans.  The spherical design offers 360 degree sound distribution and bass reflex technology.

To win one of these docking stations, all you have to do is be one of the five top commenters this week on The Smoking Jacket Articles.  The person with the most comments can pick what iDock they want.  Next, the second top commenter can pick their desired iDock and so on.

Start here!  What’s your guilty pleasure song or best dance move?

Only one comment per post on articles posted today through Monday March 14th.  Make sure to use the same name so we can track comments.  Irrelevant and gibberish comments will not be counted.  In case of a tie, comments with earliest posting time will win.

Contest closes Monday, March 14th.

Be sure to provide a legit e-mail address when you comment so we can contact you.

Sorry, U.S. contestants only.

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