Hot Cars and Hotter Women at the International Auto Show

SF International Auto ShowGuys love cars. Guys love babes. Guys love cars and babes. What better place to combine the two than at the International Auto Show? This is the place where the world’s major manufacturers display the 2011 model cars, SUV’s, trucks and vans that we’ll all be lusting after in the coming year.

Everyone from Aston Martin to Acura was on hand to showcase vehicles that run the gamut from exotic sports cars to the latest in electric and hybrid vehicles. As with any auto show worth the price of admission, there were also plenty of sexy models tasked with making sure attendees had extra incentive to check out the hot rides on display.

Display Car

Here’s a photo of one of the aforementioned hot rides…

Auto Show Girls
…and here, just a few of the sexy women. But it gets better. Way better.

Auto Show BabeFor example, here’s a picture of a sexy babe AND a sexy car. See? It’s getting better already!

It’s a fairly simple concept: auto shows draw huge crowds of guys so, why not have hot women around to provide the lowdown on gas mileage and engine torque and such?

Being the expert auto enthusiasts that we are, we figured it would be good times if we gave you some insight on fun things to do if you ever find yourself lucky enough to attend the International Auto Show:

Car Door

Open car doors then shut them. Then open them again. Then shut them. Then open them once more. (Repeat process when complete.)

Engine Hood

Look at car engines under the hood and then say (while shaking your head), “That’s one good engine. (Pause.) A really good engine.” (Repeat process when complete.)


Kick a few tires. Follow this with a knowledgeable sounding expression such as “Those are some good tires. (Pause.) Some really good tires.” (Repeat process when complete.)

When passing a very expensive vehicle, say something really witty like, “I have three of those!”

Steering Wheel
Get behind the wheel of a sports car and make loud engine-revving noises. (Rrrrrrrr Rrrrrrrr!) Also, take the time to get high on that new car smell.

Auto Show Model

Ask a sexy model about gas mileage and braking systems and ignition systems. Follow that up with a smooth line like “speaking of keys, I believe you have the key to my heart.”

On second thought, skip that last part.

Corvette Stingray Concept
The International Auto Show had everything; futuristic vehicles that look like they could double for Knight Rider, such as this Corvette Stingray Concept.

Cars with Screens

There were also cars with multimedia screens and sound systems in the trunk that would put the TV show Pimp My Ride to shame. Though we have to question the lack of a fish tank or snow cone machine in this ride. That’s a major oversight to say the least.

1932 Rolls Royce Phantom II
It wasn’t all about the future though. This 1932 Rolls Royce Phantom II looked like it was once driven by that guy from the board game Monopoly.

Sexy women and sexy cars. That’s our kind of event. Check out even more pictures of both in the gallery below!