Sexy Saturday Party at Rutgers University

Playboy on Campus held a competition for our Playboy Campus Reps to send in their best party pictures.  How else do you determine which college is Top Party School worthy?  Lots of the reps sent in awesome pictures or sexy girls, parties, and all around crazy fun. But the winner is…..drum roll please – Rondoo Mbaidjol from Rutgers University with his plethora of party pictures!  He threw a Playboy party complete with Playboy swag (Magazines, t-shirts, etc.), Playboy body painting, DJs, and fun party goers. Kudos to Rondoo and all the reps for bringing Playboy to your Campuses. Here’s Rondoo’s recap:

Sexy Saturday Party – Rutgers University New Brunswick

by: Rondoo Mbaidjol

Just about a year ago Playboy On Campus at Rutgers University debuted with it’s first party. It was one of those night to remember parties. The video for the party hit 70,000 views on Youtube and was sensational. The Playboy brand was reintroduced for having the best entertainment and lifestyle on campus!

Now, during this time of year, holidays are in and finals are around the corner. There had to be a last party before the semester is over that would top the first party Playboy brought to Rutgers! Sexy Saturday was the name of it, and it sure lived up to it’s name!

Rather than the usual crowded party where you can never get an inch to bust a move, do the two step or whatever you do, this party made you feel like it’s your night! Everyone in the party had a wristband that was glowing under the backlights. It had been handed to everybody around the campuses so they would add the “facebook” link that was on it and find out where the party is!

As you walked in it you can tell it was a different party. Usually friendliness at the door tells you how the party is. If the people are rude you probably wouldn’t appreciate the party as much. In this case it was the opposite. The door is open you have a wristband and it feels like its going to be a good night.

The lighting made you able to look around and see who you were with, but the strobe lights and blackligths created a perfect setting. There were two different DJ’s in the back, each of them had a different style! DJ EMT and DJ-Csquare switched from Electro to Hip Hop and kept the party going till the very end. Everybody on the floor was dancing, and then suddenly the DJ shouted out that the liveliest people in room would get free Playboy goodies! The crowd shouted, people were excited. Without a doubt, there was some tough competition out there!

Even though that floor was poppin’ people were still heading to the upstairs floor to get in on some more action! One of the hosts had a spray-tattoo kit set up with the bunny stencil and was handing them out for free! I think everyone at the party got one! That might have been the cherry on the top. Some people were getting the Bunny logo in all kinds of places!

The motto at Rutgers is work hard play hard. Holidays, snow or finals won’t stop the parties! But the nights that everyone will remember; waking up with a wristband and a Bunny on your cheek, only come once in a while. That was it!

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