The Six Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History

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In our continuing effort to bring you the sexiest of sexy, The Smoking Jacket has launched a new feature, The Week in Sexy Advertising. It’s written by Steve Hall who publishes Adrants, a site that writes about marketing, advertising and the use of sex as a selling point.

We won’t discuss the business of advertising much because, well, that’s just boring. But we will bring you a weekly round up advertising’s best eye candy.

Jennifer Ellison Makes Organs Hot


In a new campaign for Kellogg’s cereal, former soap star Jennifer Ellison had internal organs painted on her newly taught tummy (Ellison slimmed down from a size 18 after her pregnancy) to encourage women to eat more bran and stay healthy. Good living has never looked so sexy.

Adidas Delivers Panty Shot in Mini Skirt Showdown

This is pretty strange. Then again, it’s from Japan which, with its obsession with anything and everything to do with placing cute girls in compromising positions, makes it totally normal. Here we have Adizero vs. Mini Skirt, a challenge to determine, well, we really don’t know what. That the wind from a guy running with Adidas sneakers can whip up a girls skirt so you can see her panties? Yes, only in Japan.

Drew Will Add “Double Whoa” to Your Girlfriend’s Boobs

Cementing the long held belief that breasts can never be too big, Aerie is out with a commercial featuring a decidedly cute, subtly sexy, auburn-haired beauty with eye-popping cleavage. And just to make sure the whole thing doesn’t travel too far into lustful Victoria’s Secret territory — this is American Eagle, after all — our delectably delicious Drew girl has been surrounded by flowers because, well, somehow all those flowers supposedly scream innocence.

Pay Attention or You’ll Miss Gratuitous Booty

We all know rappers have an undying fixation with booty. Pick a rapper. Any rapper. Watch one of their videos and, BAM, booty, booty, booty all up in your face! What you might not know is that advertisers also have a fanatical fixation with booty. Perhaps not such an intense fixation as rappers but a fixation nonetheless. Which is what makes this Adidas ad so funny. Try as they might, they could only make it until the last seconds of the commercial before they whipped out the booty and threw it all up in our face.

Nando’s Restaurant Serves Up Little Hotties

Australian burger joint ,Nando’s, has long pushed the boundaries of good taste when it comes to their advertising. You may remember the commercial the brand ran a few years ago in which a woman with rather large breasts complained to her server there were no fries on her plate when, in fact, there were. She just couldn’t see them because her breasts stuck out so far they blocked her view of the plate.

This summer the brand pushed boundaries again with its Little Hotties campaign which got into hot water with Australia’s Advertising Standards Authority. A radio ad voice over included the copy, “Tight buns. Great breasts. And oh so saucy. These little hotties have got it all.”

Perrier Cools Hot, Thong-Clad Ass


Apparently tiny, cover-nothing thongs can actually make you hot (temperature hot, that is) according to this French Perrier ad featuring a woman in a thong seemingly cooling her overly hot ass with a bottle of the stuff. This sort of advertising is still acceptable (thankfully) in places outside the U.S. but God forbid if we Americans get gratuitous and degrade women into objects of desire.