The Six Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History

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In our continuing effort to bring you the sexiest of sexy, The Smoking Jacket has launched a new feature, The Week in Sexy Advertising. It’s written by Steve Hall who publishes Adrants, a site that writes about marketing, advertising and the use of sex as a selling point.

We won’t discuss the business of advertising much because, well, that’s just boring. But we will bring you a weekly round up advertising’s best eye candy.

Australia Bans Ad Because Breasts Are Too Big


This is just wrong. Australia’s Channel 7 was found in breach of the country’s Advertising Standards Authority guidelines because an ad for Jersey Shore objectified women. The ad features a woman with large breasts, you see (we know, you DO see).

To us, that sounds like blatant prejudice. To shun imagery of women with big breasts? It’s one thing to complain Aunt Jemima harkens back to the days of slavery but to somehow penalize women just because they have large breasts? Certainly doesn’t make any sense to us.

Wait, What? Sears Sells Lingerie?


By now you’ve all heard the Kardashian Kollection made its debut recently at Sears. But here at The Smoking Jacket it’s our duty to bring you every last story detail…especially when it involves lingerie. So with that thought in mind, we give you Kim, Khloe and Kourtney modeling lingerie from their Kollection.

Agent Provocateur Pokes Fun at Celebrity Crotch Shots

Here’s some more Agent Provocateur hotness for you. This work features Paz De La Huerta touting the brand’s Fall and Winter lineup. The 1:30 video, which is really a collection of a few shorter videos, depicts Paz in scenarios realistic only in the minds of creative directors and fashion aficionados. Oh and in the real lives of celebrities who, for some reason, can’t remember to put their panties on before going out.

Huerta, who is seen arriving in a vehicle, dropping her purse and, finally, leaving in a vehicle simply cannot keep her undergarments covered, allowing drooling paparazzi to capture full on crotch and cleavage shots. You know, just like in real life with real celebrities.

Hunky Dorys Hotties Get Hot Again

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Remember the Hunk Dorys hotties? Let us refresh your memory. Last year Irish chip brand Hunky Dorys strapped several women into bikinis and had them play rugby for an ad campaign. Recently, the brand debuted a new campaign which has scantily clad women playing soccer.

One of the ads in the campaign contains the headlines “Still staring?” next to the image of a scantily clad woman baring significant cleavage. A second ad features the same scantily clad woman revealing her ample assets next to the headline, “Taaaasty.” The Hunky Dory website contains all the imagery you’ll need to conjure up your perfect Gaelic football fantasy.

Sports Illustrated Supermodel Irina Shayk Fronts Rampage Campaign


Following in the footsteps of Bar Refaeli and Gisele Bunchen, Sports illustrated supermodel Irina Shayk is making her debut as the new face of fashion brand Rampage. Shayk will front the brand’s new Fall campaign. You can check out the ads here [], here and here.

Rihanna Gets Almost Naked For Armani Lingerie


There’s not much more to say about Rihanna making the decision to model lingerie for Armani other than damn! The woman is hot! Check out all the images right here.