Review: The Happy Hour Timepiece

Review: The Happy Hour Timepiece

How many times have you tried to drink beer but been stopped in your tracks because of not having a proper beer opener?

Man, we hate when that happens.

But wait, we have another question for you: How much of your day is just a countdown till 5 o’clock?

Every second?


Are you hardly even conscious during the hours your bumbling through work? Do you need a watch that blurs out all the numbers on your wrist but the 5 o’clock?

happy hour

Actually, you do.

What’s so great about 5 o’clock? It’s the time of day when you can say thank you very much to the eight-hour workweek, you can say thank you very much but this is my time to shine and I’m gonna have me a little tipple of something stronger than office coffee.

Five o’clock is that magic hour when you can indulge in a little you time, some you and some booze time.

What you need is a watch that celebrates that AND can open foreign beers in a snap.

Here’s what we found. We found it 4 U: The Happy Hour Timepiece.


The Happy Hour Timepiece is a watch that comes decked out with a classy yet always useful beer opener. A kind detail: the watch face blurs out all the numbers but that magic Wilma! hour — the time when you can take a break and do whatever the hell you want for once. (That would be Happy Hour, aka 5 o’clock.)

The Happy Hour Timepiece is also one heck of a classy accessory. You can choose from a wide selection of colors and styles.

Give it a whirl! You’ll feel like James Bond because of your new countdown and beer-opening skills.

It will be so great.