Read Between the Lines of These Postertext Classics

War of the Worlds

White walls may suit your “whatever, dude” demeanor well, but to a lady visitor it doesn’t exactly spell “a simple man” as much as it does “a lazy bastard.” But instead of haphazardly tacking up some of the best posters Spencer’s has to offer, try the literary approach with one of these Postertext ($15.99-$59.99) prints. Each poster features an image from a classic novel created from wrapping text—the entire text of said novel.

If you want to go for more of the “I’m a sensitive man in touch with my somewhat feminine side” approach, you can try the Alice in Wonderland or Wizard of Oz prints. We’re more partial to the Metamorphosis or War of the Worlds posters, though. Nothing says “I’m a man of culture, want to make out?” to the girl you bring home than Kafka and alien invasions.

The added bonus here is that these posters could not only serve as a way to impress a girl who made it past your doorway; they will probably also ensure she stays long enough to press her face up to your wall to read what the hell is on it.

See more examples below: