Press Play: Torres — “Honey”

Torres — aka Nashville native, Mackenzie Scott — is brand-new to the scene but she still manages to deliver like a pro. Her single, “Honey” (below) is chock-a-block full of straight-forward lyricism sung with a gentle yet insistent voice. She brings you in all slow-like, then suddenly it’s all about revealing a morsel of ragged emotion, then some teeth.


“I wanted this record to be the most honest version of itself that it could be,” the 22-year-old songwriter says, “and ultimately that meant that it needed to remain unpolished and fairly raw. I left in a few imperfect vocal takes because I thought it sounded more human that way.” The singer-songwriter said in an interview. 

“Honey” is raw, it’s acoustic with frayed edges, splinters. Those cracks are where the light gets in. Listen up:


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