PRESS PLAY: Converse Rubber Tracks Showcase American Wolf’s single “The Secret to Passing Through”

Converse Rubber Tracks throws some brand spanking new tracks at us this week. Their “Oh Hello” and “Track of the Week” short-flicks introduce us to American Wolf, a four-piece based out of Chicago. The band created their name after guitarist Sal Plascencia discovered the series “Champions of the Wild” and became interested in the American Wolf, which inspired the idea that the name would be great for a band. Listen to the band explain how they create music, their past recording experiences and how far they have come together to experience the state-of-the-art studio session at Converse Rubber Tracks.

Download “The Secret To Passing Through” for free AT THE CONVERSE FACEBOOK PAGE.

Download a second song entitled “Skin Tight” for free from AMERICAN WOLF’S session at CONVERSE RUBBER TRACKS HERE

Recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks, American Wolf’s single “The Secret to Passing Through” is this week’s “Track of the Week”. The Chicago-based four piece made the most of their time in the Brooklyn Converse Rubber Tracks studio and — watch the band’s process in the studio as they lay down the multiple layers and parts to the track “The Secret to Passing Through.”



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