Finally, Deals Made for Dudes!


There’s nothing wrong with men getting a deep cleansing facial, especially if it scores hygiene points with the ladies. But seriously, come on, how many 50% off Mani/Pedi emails can one man endure? Enter Playboy VIP Deals for Men.

Playboy’s switching up the daily deals game and offering things you actually want to do and buy – think skydiving, paintball, bottle service and watches. And, it gets even better. In addition to killer drink deals and adrenaline-filled sport outings, once a month we’ll shoot you a Premium Deal. How many times have you thought to yourself, man, how can I get my ass into one of those Playboy Mansion parties and surround myself with smoking hot Playmates? Trust us, when you combine Playboy and Premium Deal you get nothing short of over-the-top. We’ve got the invites and we want you there!

The service launches today and it’s free to sign up. The best part is you don’t have to weed through yoga mats and bikini waxes to get to the good stuff. Head over to Playboy VIP Deals for Men and start living the Playboy dream.