Playboy on Campus Contest – The Top 5 Viral Video Submissions

PLAYBOY ON CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVES competed in a viral video contest. Below are the top submissions arranged in the order they were received. Playboy Campus reps submitted videos ranging from produced music videos to a Playboy model’s pick for Playboy’s Top Party School.

The viral videos will be judged on creativity, presence of Playboy and school imagery, quality, and uniqueness of content. We’ll consider YouTube views and comments here as well so comment below and share your favorite video! Let the voting period of the Playboy On Campus Reps’ Viral Videos begin! We will be pulling all-nighters here at Playboy until we can decide on the winning video by the end of March 2012. Check out the top five video submissions below:

1. “Playboy Model Kate Hughes on U of AZ” by Emily from the University of Arizona

Playboy model Kate Hughes votes for the University of Arizona as Playboy’s 2012 top party school. A great way to promote your school as a party school is to get a Playboy model with her issue to campaign!

2. “My Little Secret” by Hugo from the University of Houston

Campus Rep Hugo can be seen passing a CD to his crush in this music video. We like the Hugh Hefner robe, the Playboy secret, and the Bunny T-shirt spotting. Great video!

3. “I’m Sexy and I Know It” by Grant, Playboy Campus Rep, Hamline University 

We love the Playboy robe in the beginning as the main character transforms into RedFoo of LMFAO. He drinks from his Playboy On Campus water bottle in between shake weight work outs and we wish we could wiggle with the dance crew at the end of the video.

4. “IOU Sabotage (Playboy on Campus @RU)” by Rondoo from Rutgers University

Great party video, good pump-up music, and Playboy Bunnies throughout! We like to see Playboy magazines and Bunnies in our music videos!

5. “Playboy On Campus” video and slideshow by Ashley from the University of Alabama

Ashley gives us great evidence as to why to love Playboy AND University of Alabama. Mainly, both throw great parties! Watch the whole video to get party photos from University of Alabama here.

Let the voting begin!
Which Playboy on Campus Representative made the best viral video? Let us know in the comments below! Share your favorite video with your friends.