Playboy Gives Back Auction: Bid on ‘Back to the Future’ Props for Parkinsons Research

Back to the FutureIf you had a time machine (or maybe a really great memory), you might flash back to a week ago when we were all about Back to the Future. It was a great time of fun infographics, BTTF giveaways and crazy McFly Bed Intruder videos.

We were also celebrating the Playboy Goes Back photo shoot. Playmate Kimberly Phillips and Playboy Radio Host Jessica Danielle Hall took on the iconic roles of Doc Brown and Marty McFly for a gorgeous set of images and wallpapers that you can find here and download.

We ended up with a pile of awesome Back to the Future props and replicas that we thought we could do some good with. So, in honor of Mr. Marty McFly himself, Michael J. Fox, we’re auctioning the props. Most of the props have been autographed by Kimberly Phillips and Jessica Danielle Hall. Every winning item will also come with a print of a moment during the shoot where the item was featured.

Kimberly Phillips Jessica Danielle Hall

If you’d like to help us give Back here’s how: