Headphone Giveaway 2 of 2: Pioneer Pro DJ Headphones

Everyone runs into this problem at work: you’re tapping away at your computer, rocking out to Wu-Tang in the headphones, when Brad from Accounting approaches from behind and taps you on the shoulder. So you jump four feet in the air, elbow him in the nose and shit your pants, simultaneously. (Well, maybe not everyone has this problem.) But you see what we mean: when you’re plugged in, it’s annoying to plug out.

Here’s another scenario: you’re a famous DJ, and need a new pair of cans for the road. Whether you fall in the former category or the latter, you’ll find these Pioneer HDJ-500-R Pro DJ Headphones to be both stylish and highly functional.

Observe: the right arm on these babies swings back and forth, conveniently uncovering the ear for workplace chatter or on-stage beat-matching alike. This allows you to direct your attention to Brad without taking off the headphones altogether. Oh, and you also look like a serious badass while you’re doing it. That grimy keyboard and mouse might as well be a turntable setup! Look at you go, with those Pioneers on! It’s like we got Diplo over here in marketing, guys!

It’s actually nothing like that but you’ll still appreciate the HDJ’s capable bass response and stylish aluminum construction. Thing even comes with two chords, and one of them is coiled, which works well on the desk. Or, you know, on stage at Madison Square Garden, whatever. Wanna get your hands on a pair? Read on to learn how to win:

To win a pair of Pioneer HDJ-500-R headphones, tell us in the comments how you’d use a pair of headphones with a DJ-style retractable arm. Are you an actual DJ? Post some links to your work.

Contest closes Monday, March 28th.

Be sure to provide a legit e-mail address when you comment so we can contact you.

Sorry, U.S. contestants only.