Out Cold: The Danger of Concussions

You making up for the no air time on hockey TV by playing out on that frozen over pond with the guys? Just you and the cold night air and the sound of blades skidding over the bumpy rink? And Natalie Portman all cracking wise at you? Wait, that’s not real life. That’s that movie.

Anyway. But listen. Just so’s you’re clear with the wintertimes sporting galavanting. Make sure you don’t go around hitting each others’ heads. One concussion leads to more, leads to problems up the wazoo. You don’t want to be doing that business to you and your kin.

Don’t believe us? Check out this trust infographic — it’s all about concussions.

Your brain, man. It’s not much but it’s all you got.

Concussion Infographic

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