You Knew This Was Coming: The iPod Nano Watch Band

iPod Watch Bands

You’ve seen iPods transformed into everything from earrings to tongue piercings (all jokes, presumably), but thanks to the new design of the iPod Nano, one concept has actually come to fruition. Check out the iPod Nano watch bands, wristbands that are designed to neatly accommodate an iPod Nano onto the center of it.

We’re partial to the leather band from iLoveHandles, which currently only carries one product, the said Nano watch band. You can grab one of these for about $20, or check out the more colorful (and cheaper) ones at CountryComm, ranging from $9 to $22. We’re not saying we would absolutely never get one, but we are saying we will point and laugh obnoxiously when we wave at some d-bag runner at the park who forgets that his wrist is now attached to his head with this thing and waves back.

Apple=now robbing people of their pride, as well as their money.