Most Wanted, Giveaway Edition: Iowa’s Smartass RAYGUN T-Shirts

RAYGUN T-Shirt Giveaway

When RAYGUN, “the greatest store in the universe,” according to the T-shirt retailer’s Twitter, started selling an “I Liked Betty White Before It Was Cool” tee, Betty wasn’t havin’ it, and the shirt was pulled within a few days. (Not to worry, a replacement will pop up soon: “I Liked Old White Ladies Before It Was Cool.”)

Betty be damned, RAYGUN operates out of Iowa, with most of their merch focusing on self-deprecating Midwestern and Iowa stereotype humor. But though that’s what they’re known for—loved and loathed by most sexy Iowans—the rest of their stock is just as ridiculous, smart and borderline-hipster. Think: Urban Outfitters without the “Urban.”

To celebrate the opening of their second store, in Iowa, of course, RAYGUN offered to send you guys some free shit. So we’re giving away 10 different shirts, screenprinted by hand in the RAYGUN store on American Apparel tees, including ones like: “Make awkward sexual advances, not war,” “This is my tailgating shirt,” and “You had me at mustache,” among others. Click through the gallery below to see what’s all up for grabs.

But, of course, like all of our giveaways, you have to work for it a little:

In the comments below, tell us why you’re the ultimate Midwesterner. This could be a blow-your-mind story about an experience that is totally Midwest, or even just a confession about your habit of getting drunk in barns on the weekends.

First come, first served. We’ll pick our 10 favorite comments, then contact the winners in the order they commented, first commenter getting first pick of shirts.

Leave a legit e-mail address so we can contact you and get your T-shirt size.

Contest ends at Noon CT on Friday, Sept. 24.

Sorry, U.S. residents only.

Check out RAYGUN’s Facebook page today to see the Betty White replacement shirt, and follow them on Twitter to get first dibs on new designs.

Thanks, RAYGUN!