Most Wanted: New-School Booxbox

boombox mainMuch like Radio Raheem in Do The Right Thing, we have a constant compulsion to blast Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” in our neighborhood streets and parks. But they don’t make Public Enemy cassettes anymore, for our old-school cassette¬†boom boxes, and all we’ve got are these stupid iPods, which, unfortunately, don’t work with cassette players. (Yeah, we tried.) What to do?

Well, we could lug around our laptops on our shoulders, bumping our tinny Macbook speakers, but that’d make us look like nerds. (Bigger nerds.) Instead, we’d opt for this badass TDK 3-Speaker Boombox. It’s a boombox for the 21st-century, complete with an iPod connection that charges– no cassettes necessary. In fact, it replaces that bulky old cassette slot with a full subwoofer, so you’ve not only got digital-quality sound streaming from the hip, you’ve got some bump in your step as well. It even takes D-batteries, just like your old boombox used to! Nostalgia AND technology: it’s what makes the future great. (And how!)

Check out the TDK 3-Speaker Boombox over at TDK’s site and pick one up from your favorite retailer– while you can, that is. These things are going fast, and you don’t want to be the last on your block to have the sweet, sweet sounds of Public Enemy to drown out your neighbor’s mariachi. There might be nothing worse.