Top College Party Coverage: Mifflin 2011

Mifflin Street Block Party 2011

The Mifflin Street Block Party is the end-of-the-year drunkfest for thousands of University of Wisconsin – Madison students and visitors.  This year was the first time since the 90s where open intoxicants were allowed on the streets, making for the drunkest Mifflin in recent memory.  Arrests and detox numbers were up from last year.  So it is no surprise that University of Wisconsin – Madison secures a spot on the Top 10 Party School lists year after year.

Over the past year at UW, students partied their faces off, yet the school still boasts academic prestige.  Badger Trips provided students with a welcome week trip to Vegas, Halloween on State Street remains one of the biggest parties in the nation, the UW football team went to the Rose Bowl, the Packers won the Super Bowl, and the Mifflin Street Block Party 2011 was one of the largest and drunkest in current remembrance.

Therefore, I’d like to nominate University of Wisconsin – Madison for #1 party school 2012 (UW was #3 in 2010 and #6 in 2011).  Who’s with me?

Of course you need proof.  Below is a typical Mifflin experience.  Enjoy.

A good Mifflin party-er will wake up at 6a.m. to 8a.m. and start their day with Bloody Marys, mimosas, and keg beer.  Kegs are plentiful as evidence from the sold out taps from all the surrounding liquor stores.

Mifflin 2011

Typical Mifflin attire is a witty shirt that you and your group of friends made or bought. For Example, ‘I’m on Mifflin Bitch,’ ‘Sorry for Partying,’ and ‘Hot Mess Express.’  Sunglasses are a must since your drunk eyes will make you look like a deranged lunatic.

Mifflin 2011

By 10a.m you should be drunk and dancing on a table at your respectable pregame (drinking before you start drinking) party.

Mifflin 2011

As the clock nears noon, things start to get a little blurry.

Mifflin 2011

Students and visitors flood to Mifflin Street to enjoy a full day of drinking.

Mifflin 2010

If you are lucky enough to know someone who lives on Mifflin Street, enjoy the balcony view of the festivities.

Mifflin 2011

People populate the street and the balconies.

The popular octabong helps keeps party-ers drunk all day.

Mifflin 2011

Craziness continues on Mifflin Street.

This year there were 160 arrests, 20 people went to detox, and an infinite amount of party-ers took the typical “I’m getting arrested by a cop – just kidding” picture (see above).

Mifflin 2011

Mifflin ended on a low note with two stabbings, which resulted in government officials vowing to crack down on the party for next year.  While we hope for no violence in the future, regulating Mifflin will not keep us from partying.

After a day filled with beer bongs, kegs, shots, octabongs, beer vendors and constant partying – people pass out or ‘puke and rally’ in order to prepare for a full night of partying.  Find the nearest lawn, restaurant, couch, or bed to pass out on; because Mifflin isn’t over.

Let the voting begin, University of Wisconsin deserves the title of #1 Party School in 2012.  Comment below if you agree!