Sterling Moore vs. Everyone Else


Sterling Moore

UNDERDOGS ARE ALWAYS EASY TO LOVE. Sports fan will root for the less-talented but hard-working guys all the time (especially if they’re really into God).

And Sterling Moore is probably the biggest underdog in recent memory. If you are like me and every other person alive, you had no idea who Sterling Moore was before Sunday. I probably would have thought he was a character on ‘Mad Men.’ Turns out he’s an undrafted rookie cut by the Raiders in training camp, signed to the Pats practice squad, played a couple games, was returned to the practice squad, rejoined the team, and became a Boston sports legend

His strip of the ball on Lee Evans in the end zone was such an amazing play I literally screamed when I was watching. Evans was open, had the ball in his hands and was about to celebrate an amazing comeback win when Moore decided he wanted free drinks in Boston forever/ruin Billy Cundiff’s life.

It was the type of heads up play combined with a ton of luck that makes sports so awesome. The game was over. And then it wasn’t. And it’s because of a 21-year-old undrafted rookie. Even if you hate the Patriots, which would be understandable, you can’t help but love Sterling Moore.



Billy Cundiff


Yeah, Billy Cundiff missed an easy field goal and sort of lost the game for his team (and really Lee Evans deserves more blame I think). But I actually feel bad for the dude. Kickers only get noticed when they lose a game like this or kick a field goal to win a Super Bowl. He’s going to be known as the guy who missed that field goal forever.

Then there’s Kyle Williams. Good thing his dad is GM of the White Sox because I think he might be looking for a new team soon. But once again, he’s not exactly a star player. He was only returning kicks because Ted Ginn Jr. was hurt. So I feel bad being too hard on him for epically blowing the game.

And then there’s Joe Paterno. I feel weird even touching this one, which really, would have stopped a whole lot of problems with Penn State if they felt the same way.

Even supreme douche Steven Tyler destroyed the National Anthem and then celebrated on the podium with the Patriots, despite probably never having caught a football in his entire life.

So it takes someone to go to extremes to get the dishonor of Douchebag of the Week. And Tim Thomas proved to be the douchiest of them all.

So the Bruins won the Stanley Cup (just catching the rest of America up as I talk about hockey for a minute) and Tim Thomas was a huge reason why. Tim Thomas is one of the biggest American stars in the game, as the starting goalie for the USA Olympic team. Turns out Tim Thomas is also a Tea Party dude.

So when Obama had the Bruins to the White House to honor them for winning the Cup, Thomas decided to skip the event because of political beliefs. Even better, he issued a state on his Facebook account–yes, his Facebook account–about why he decided to skip out, complete with crazy-person random capitalization of words (they never did catch the Zodiac killer…hmmm). It really made him seem more like a serial killer than a well-reasoned political mind.

Look, people’s politics are their own. But Thomas made this event honoring him and his teammates all about him and his beliefs. For a guy who really loves America a ton (which he does), he had an incredibly rare chance to speak to the president in-person, but decided because the government was ‘out of control’ he didn’t want to. He has every right as a ‘free citizen’ to protest and didn’t have to go, despite it being a team function. I get that. But he’s not Muhammad Ali standing up against the Vietnam War and refusing to serve at the expense of his career. This was a nice, completely unpolitical event. And he turned it into the Tim Thomas show with no real upside for him other than that he didn’t have to touch Barack Obama’s hand.

Now his teammates are reportedly upset at him and Barack Obama continues to not care about Tim Thomas or his politics.


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