The Six Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History


In our continuing effort to bring you the sexiest of sexy, The Smoking Jacket has launched a new feature, The Week in Sexy Advertising. It’s written by Steve Hall who publishes Adrants, a site that writes about marketing, advertising and the use of sex as a selling point. We won’t discuss the business of advertising much because, well, that’s just boring. But we will bring you a weekly round up advertising’s best eye candy.

Calvin Klein Drops the F-Bomb on a Billboard


A recent billboard for Calvin Klein in New York city is having a bit of fun with the world’s favorite swear word. If we were at war with the Cylons and we lived on Battlestar Galactica, that word would be Frak. In this world, the word still begins and ends with the same letters but has a U and a C in the middle instead of an R and an A. Now that we all know what word we’re talking about, it is said Calvin Klein attempted to slip one over on us with the crafty placement of table legs, a bikini bottom and the letter C and K.

Which is quite apt actually. Because after looking at the board and the stunningly hot Lara Stone whose cleavage is spilling out of her tiny bikini top, the word is probably an apt summation of what many people would like to do after passing by this board.

Some might have harsh words for this bit of trickery. But it’s all good. We’ll give the brand points for consistency. Because when you think about it, the brand really hasn’t changed its course much at all since it taunted us teasingly with the 15 year old Brooke Shields back in the day. And in advertising, consistency is a very good thing.

Tehmeena Afzal Wants to Hang Out in the New York Mets Dugout With You

Tehmeena / Ms. Meena SEXY “New York Mets” Tribute video from TEHMEENA AFZAL on Vimeo.

Yes. The bootylicious Tehmeena is back. But pretty soon, New York’s hottest sports fan is going to run out of teams to support with her bootylicious antics. Afzal, who has already lent her giants to the New York Giants and inflated passion for the New York Knicks, can currently be seen in an ode to the New York Mets that gives us a peek at what baseball might look like if it had a Lingerie Bowl.

Bonus: Tehmeena also did a very racy recent commercial for a local New York car dealership.


A Charbroiled Turkey Burger Never Looked So Good

We like the logic of this new Hardee’s commercial that continues the brand’s tradition of using hot women in bikinis to sell their sandwiches.

To help everyone remember just how great their new charbroiled turkey burger is, the brand hired Miss Turkey and placed her in a bikini with tiny pictures of its charbroiled turkey burger. Explaining this approach, the voiceover concludes with, “And that’s just the way it is.”

Never before have we heard such truism in a commercial and the complete, unapologetic acknowledgment that sex will, and forever, be used to sell. Nice work, Hardee’s.

Serena Williams Lends Her Bootyliciousness to 2K Sports

A new ad for 2K Sports’ game Top Spin 4 features Serena Williams – billed as the world’s sexiest tennis player – and Rileah Vanderbilt – billed as the world’s sexiest tennis gamer served up as a delicious meal of lingerie-clad slow motion boobs, in-your-face butt gyrations and orgasmic moans.

The ad has caused quite a stir and 2K sports has distanced itself from it and, additionally, several media outlets have banned it from running on their sites. Which, of course, means it’s really, really good.

Michael Bay Hooks Up With Victoria’s Secret Again for Queen Mary Ad

Perhaps you’ve seen this one already. But even if you have, it’s worth seeing again. After all, who doesn’t love watching the Victoria’s Secret models prance around in their underwear? King of the Hollywood blockbuster, Michael Bay, has, again, teamed with Victoria’s Secret to shoot a commercial featuring the models. This time, he filmed them aboard the original Queen Mary which is currently docked in Long Beach California.

Victoria’s Secret models Erin Heatherton, Chanel Iman, Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge and Adriana Lima appear in the commercial hyping the brand’s new line of Incredible bras.

Slimy, Smarmy Salaciousness Sells Houses in Australia


Ian Adams and Adrian Jenkins are real estate magnates on the Gold Coast of Australia. Adams, who looks a whole lot like a younger Richard Dawson, along with Jenkins are a pair of smarmy real estate types who are unabashedly pimping properties using the oldest trick in the book: salacious sex.

Laden with sexual innuendo and a complete lack of sensibility for the objectification of women, Adams and Jenkins, in two videos, take us through a couple of their properties. Oh yes, they are, indeed, high quality, upscale properties. But does the low brow, lowest common denominator selling tactic really do the properties justice. Give these videos a watch and let us know your thoughts.