The 25 Sexiest Advertising Moments of the Past Year

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As you may have heard us mention a couple hundred times yesterday, The Smoking Jacket recently celebrated our very first birthday. To celebrate, we did some digging through the archives (because we know how to party) and found some of the best moments from our best and longest running franchises.

Yesterday, we delivered a massive Twitpic Theater that you should absolutely check out if you haven’t already. But first, check out Steve Hall’s picks for the 25 sexiest moments since the dawn of The Smoking Jacket…

Kim Kardashian Tantalizes Super Bowl Viewers With Her Curves For Skeckers

During this year’s Super Bowl you may recall seeing Kim Kardashian getting it on with a guy during a commercial break. At the time, you may have been a bit distracted and unable to recall who the ad was for. Well it was for Skechers and you can watch it here again.

Hot Hana Nitsche Handles Her Hooters For PETA

hand bra

Here’s Hana trying to conceal her curvaceousness from view for PETA. Something about not wrearing fur. All we can really remember is how much we love a good hand bra.

Melissa Molinaro Will Force You to Shop at Old Navy

Try as you might, you will not be able to steer clear of Old Navy no matter your fashion sensibilities. Why? Just watch this ad featuring Melissa Molinaro and try not to set foot in an Old Navy.

Kelly Brooke is About to Explode And Needs You to Help Her Finish

kelly brook

You may remember the Dutch Axe commercial in which super hot angels fall from the sky to hook up with Axe-wearing men. It seems one angel has been left behind. One very, very hot and very, very frustrated angel. Yes. Kelly Brook has been left behind. Left writhing in a state of perpetual, hyper sexualized ecstasy. Pent up with explosive desire because she hasn’t found her match. A match who can offer her much needed release from all her unrealized desire. Check out the video at this link and give her a hand.

Was That A Hot Asian Chick That Just Slid Down the Bowling Alley?

Leave it to the Japanese to find any reason to dress hot chicks in bikinis and film them doing strange things. Here’s an ad which promotes a ladies bowling competition. No, wait. Scratch that. It promotes a hair removal product. Weird. But hot all at the same time.

Chinese Boob Clamp Gives Women Epic Cleavage

Watch this super strange Chinese ad for a super strange boob clamp product and try as hard as you can not to imagine yourself ensconced withing the deliciousness of the wondrous cleavage created by this device.

Tehmeena Afzal Clear Winner of This Year’s Sexiest Ads

Tehmeena / Ms. Meena SEXY “New York Mets” Tribute video from TEHMEENA AFZAL on Vimeo.



With no less than three mouthewateringly sexy videos for the New York Mets, the New York Giants and the New York Knicks, bootylicious Tehmeena Afzal cam out of nowhere this year and became one of the hottest chicks making the rounds in advertising and everywhere else. Enjoy.

A Charbroiled Turkey Burger Never Looked So Good

To help everyone remember just how great their new charbroiled turkey burger is, Hardee’s hired Miss Turkey and placed her in a bikini with tiny pictures of its charbroiled turkey burger. Explaining this approach, the voiceover concludes with, “And that’s just the way it is.” Never before have we heard such truism in a commercial and the complete, unapologetic acknowledgment that sex will, and forever, be used to sell. Nice work, Hardee’s.

Victoria’s Secret Models Heat Up Decks of Queen Mary

What would a round-up of the year’s top 25 sexiest ads be without and entry from Victoria’s Secret? After all, the brand is the biggest purveyor of sex when it comes to selling stuff. Who knew there wer so many ways to sell a bra? This time, Michael bay gets in on the action.

Slimy, Smarmy, Salacious Sex Sells Houses in Australia

Ian Adams and Adrian Jenkins are real estate magnates on the Gold Coast of Australia. Adams, who looks a whole lot like a younger Richard Dawson, along with Jenkins are a pair of smarmy real estate types who are unabashedly pimping properties using the oldest trick in the book: hot chicks.

Keira Knightley Gives Photographer Blue Balls

Sometimes Keira Knightley can be excruciatingly sexy in the most tantalizing of ways. Other times, her sex appeal falls flat. This time, however, it does not and she manages to work a photographer up to the point where any respectable woman would finish the job. Except, sadly, Knightley leaves the poor photographer hanging.

You Wish Your Girlfriend Had Boobs Like These

So you’re sitting on a park bench texting the girl you just picked up last night and some hot chick in workout clothing decides to give you “the look” and then do a few stretches right in front of you. This is the result of that scenario.