Giveaway Results: Your Favorite Movie Clips to Inspire T-Shirts

Our last weekly giveaway offered a free shirt from Below The Collar in exchange for the best clips you could find from movies featured on their tees. Who knew so many of you were film buffs (and/or shirtless)? You responded in droves, and we chose the winners. Below, five of the 10 best movie clips you found:

The Blues Brothers: 106 Miles to Chicago

There are only two people who should ever wear sunglasses at night in this world: the Blues Brothers. They’re on a mission from God.

Cool Hand Luke: Lucille

“Oh, boy, she knows exactly what she’s doin’–driving us crazy and lovin’ every minute of it.”

Slap Shot: Puttin’ On the Foil, Coach

Bring the kids, it’s entertainment for the whole family!

Mad Max: That’s Sort Of How The Thunderdome Works

Kindergarten teachers need to start working Mad Max into their curriculum–you get valuable subtraction lessons and meditations on the meaning of evil and death, all in one fun package. If two men enter and one man leaves, how many men does that leave? One, one man! Very good!

Ghostbusters: Yes, It’s True

This man has no dick. That’s what Bill Murray heard, at least.

Congrats, winners! Keep up with our weekly giveaways and you might just find some cool swag in your mailbox soon, like these lucky folks.