Giveaway Day Ten, Part Two: 50 Years of the Playboy Bunny

50 Years of the Playboy Bunny

TSJ has always believed in the power of giveaways–and in our kickass readers the past few months. As our way of giving back for the holidays, we’re rolling out our biggest giveaways yet with our 12 Days of Giveaways free shit blowout. Every weekday for the next few weeks, we’ll be giving away everything from DVDs and books to gadgets and furniture for you to stuff your own stocking. Keep your eye out for the daily post to see how you can win hundreds of dollars worth of freebies.

If you can believe it, it’s been 50 years that we’ve been in the company of busty ladies donning the sleek and classy Playboy Bunny costume with that fluffy little punctuation tail on the back. And those ears? Don’t even get us started.


Yep, 2010 is the silver anniversary of the iconic Playboy Bunny, and though the Bunny never quite went away, Playmates in the coveted costume have been popping up on our radar more than usual lately. The costume originally got its start with the openings of Playboy Clubs around the world, as the Bunny girls worked as waitresses and hostesses. When the Clubs slowly started to drop off throughout the ’90s, so did the occurrence of the Bunny. Thankfully, they’re back and bigger than ever as Playboy has started to reignite the flame with Clubs in Las Vegas, Cancun and soon London. And after a kickass episode of Mad Men featured the fellas hanging out at a 1960s Playboy Club in New York City, NBC decided to capitalize on the popularity of hot vintage ladies with a pick-up for a series about a New York City Playboy Club in the 1960s. Back off, Draper, this isn’t your area, y’hear?

50 Years of the Playboy Bunny

With all of this returning Bunny buzz, we think it’s about time to celebrate. So what better time and place to celebrate that skimpy vintage outfit than during the holidays and here on TSJ, when we’re in the middle of our biggest giveaway blowout ever? Chronicle Books recently released 50 Years of the Playboy Bunny, the first official, all-encompassing account of the history of the Playboy Bunny, with a foreword from Hef himself. The heavily illustrated book includes some very NSFW (but tasteful) pictorials of famous and classic Bunnies, rare pics from the Playboy vault and some mind-blowing insider secrets about the Bunny life inside the Clubs. Oh, and did we mention the damn thing was written by our very own Girlwatcher, the man you count on for the latest in Hot Girls on the Internet news?

We have 10 copies of the sexy coffee table book to give away here, but first you have to answer a little trivia:

In the comments below, share one example from the Bunny Etiquette rulebook.

The first 10 commenters to respond correctly each win a copy of 50 Years of the Playboy Bunny.

You must be at least 18 years old to be eligible. Sorry, dudes, there’s nudity involved. Deal with it. WINNERS MUST PROVE THIS WITH A COPY OF THEIR DRIVER’S LICENSE OR GOVERNMENT ID. Chew on that before you enter, please.

Giveaway closes Saturday, Dec. 18.

Be sure to provide a legit e-mail address when you comment so we can contact you.

Sorry, U.S. contestants only.

See full contest rules here

Still not impressed with our freebies? Shit’s about to get serious. Check back Monday when we get legitimately techie–we’ve got something for your inner DJ, as well as a kickass Playboy-related gadget that was (hint) just unveiled and worth (hinthint) $300.