Girl on Girl: Jessica Vaugn and Shantal Monique

Meet recent Cyber Girl of the Month winner Shantal Monique! This quintessential girl next door is nothing short of perfect! Smart, lovely, and sweet only begin to describe this Arizona hottie!

Vitals: Height: 5′4″, Weight: 120 lbs, Measurements:32D-25-34.

Birthday: April 2, 1989.

Birthplace: Seattle, WA.

Hometown: Tempe, AZ.

Congrats on being Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week, and an even a bigger congrats for Cyber Girl of the Month for May 2012! I bet you are so excited!
I am so excited, this month has been extraordinary and I couldn’t be more thrilled about being Playboy’s May CGOM!

What is the best memory from your Playboy CGOW shoot?
I actually shot my CGOW set in an abandon warehouse parking lot in Florida; it was such a fun experience. It was located off a quiet residential road and people who were driving by kept trying to stop to take a peek! It actually kept the photographer Matt Robinson and I giggling a lot during the shoot.

Who are your heroes? Both in the modeling and the real world?
I feel like I have so many heroes whom I look up to for various aspects of my life. My mama is definitely my all-time hero; she is so strong, intuitive and inspirational. I could probably go on forever about which models I look to as heroes. Marilyn Monroe is a big one. I think she defined sexy and created a lifetime’s worth of inspiration for women all over the world.

What are you studying in school? What is your post-graduation plan?
Currently I am working towards my Bachelor’s degree in biology and will be attending Arizona State University. After graduation I plan to further my education even more and start Physician’s Assistant school where I plan to focus on specializing in pediatrics.

What is an unfulfilled sexual fantasy you have?
I know this is a very common fantasy, but I’ve never experimented with another woman or had the opportunity to be in a three- or even foursome. I think this would be very exhilarating but it would require finding the perfect people to be involved!

If you could swap places for a day with anyone living today, who would that be?
I’m not sure if I would switch with anyone specifically, but trading places witha celebrity would be quite the experience! It would be interesting to literally look through someone else’s eyes.

I see you shot photos with sexy Playboy model and overall amazing girl, Carlotta Champagne! How was that? Do you ever think about getting into photography yourself?
Carlotta is absolutely incredible! I don’t think I could ever say enough abouthow amazing she really is. In March I attendeda shoot-out in Peoria, Arizona and I was lucky enough to meet her. She offered to take some photos of me and I couldn’t have been happier with how they turned out. She is exceptional both in front of and behind the camera! I have always been interested in photography and although I’ve always taken scenic photos I’ve recently been looking into stepping it up and looking into learning myself!

What is a way a guy can win you over in just 5 minutes?
Persistence! I love it when a man doesn’t shy away if I don’t give him my attention right away. However, five minutes isn’t much time. So I think he’d have to smile (I am a total sucker for amazing smiles and sparkling eyes) and say or do something so that I don’t want him to walk away!

Were there any barriers you faced to achieving your modeling goals?
I think there are barriers to pretty much everything we try to accomplish in life. I think that is what intrigued me about modeling. When I was younger I was told that I wouldn’t everbe able to model and I have always wanted to be in Playboy since the first time I found a magazine under my brother’s bed. However, the idea of actually shooting nude seemed so intimidating! Overcoming all of that and feeling comfortable and sexy in my own skin has been so gratifying!

Wow! I see you had professional sniper training during a photo shoot! What’s the back story on how you had a [gun] shoot within a [photo]shoot!?
Yes, it was incredible! I actually go shooting quiet often living in the desert so this was even more exciting for me. A few months ago I showed up on set out in the middle of the desert and there was actually a shooting range that was holding a snipers training course nearby! People were flying in from out of state to do the course and the owners asked if we could do some promotional videos,and photos for them! So I was set up right in the sand on the ground with the whole class and was able to shoot some assault rifles. I think the men there were pretty impressed that I had such a good aim!

What single characteristic do you value most in a guy?
Honesty, without a doubt. No matter what other characteristics a guy has, I feel that being able to tell the truth is so valuable.

Say you can overtake the senses and make any celebrity fall madly in love with you…Who are you shooting cupid’s arrows at for a shot to get with?
Hmmm, this is actually so tough! I really like Ryan Gosling and if we could live the Notebook, I think I might melt!

Where can we keep up with you online?
Twitter: @Shantal_Monique
Facebook Fan Page: