Get Ready for Summer: Get this Hot Gear


IT’S FINALLY GETTING WARMER OUT, and as usual that means that we here at The Smoking Jacket get spring gadget fever. While some people are excited to be wearing shorts or flip-flops or admiring girls in summer dresses, the only thing we want is a flashy new gadget or two to show off now that people are lifting their eyes from the sidewalk again. So, in that spirit, here are our top picks for this season’s flashiest of the flash—the items that are guaranteed to make everybody else look at you for a chance.

Shine Activity Monitor from Misfit Wearables

You know those dorky activity monitors you see everybody wearing at the gym? While they might be fine for the relatively low-style environment of your local Y, they’re pretty out of place as soon as you leave the Stairmaster. Enter Shine, a jewel-like little beauty that is not only a low-key and fully functional monitor of your every activity but also a pretty untraditional watch that displays time by flashing a few dots. Connect it to the mobile app for the full stats on your moves, and wear it anywhere with the included wristband or cool magnet-clip.

Phiaton Bridge MS 500 Headphones

Heavy on brushed metal and genuine leather, these headphones are not only some of the best-sounding but also maybe the best looking pair we’ve ever seen. And we’ve seen a lot of headphones. With crystal clear sound and a bass to die for, the MS 500s are in a league of their own, right down to the cloth-wrapped cord that can be attached to either side. Wear these only when you’re ready for the attention.

Sound Cylinder from Definitive Technology

Definitive Technology is known for their ultra high-end sound systems, and they’ve brought their top game to this little portable unit. It sounds as fantastic as it looks, and it works both wired and through Bluetooth, so what’s not to like? The built-in clip either holds your iPad or attaches to the top of your laptop screen for an improvement in sound quality that will make you look behind you as yet another of your favorite characters is killed off in Game of Thrones. It also works on its own, of course, as the coolest little front porch speaker on your block.