Get Geared Up for Spring!


Spring is finally here, and if you’re not too bogged down by PTSD after the worst winter in living memory (that’s right grandpa, taking the sleigh to school was nothing), it’s time to get out there and work off the extra belly fat on the running trails. And what better to get you motivated than some shiny new gear? Here are our top picks for a few indispensable items:

Blue Ant Pump Wireless Sports Buds

blue ant

Do you hate having a dangling cord from your pocket to your face as much as we do? If so, these ‘phones are for you. Breathlessly described as having a “military-grade design” on the website, they certainly do look rugged and like they can withstand just about anything you throw at them. That includes water, by the way, as these babies are entirely waterproof. They fit snugly on your ears and the sound is pretty good, although a bit heavy on the bass to the point where vocals tend to get a little lost in the mix. But if you’re into turning your head without worrying about pulling a wire and do a lot of extreme activities, you could do a whole lot worse than the Blue Ant Pumps.

Bracketron: TruRunner


If you already have your tunes in order but need a place to stash your phone, keys, and credit card, this handy little pouch is what you need. There’s not much to say about it—it comes with a zipper!—but it’s perfect for avoiding the key jangle and the phone bump as you hit the trails.

Pure Gear PureMove Sports Armband


Need to look at your screen while you’re out running? Get the PureMove sports armband instead. It’s different from other armbands because it doesn’t keep your iPhone behind a lame screen protector, but instead simply lets you clip it in. The armband itself comes with all the wicking and antibacterial action you could ever need, and it’s pretty comfortable too. There’s a handy cord keeper—if you’re still wired—and a reflexive patch to keep you visible. It’s pretty much the Aston Martin of sports armbands, and will make you the James Bond of your running group.

Pure Gear PureBoom Sound Buds


Pure Gear also makes this pair of sports earphones, hilariously named PureBoom. They weigh next to nothing, come with a fancy triangular tangle-free cord, and include the standard cord-button and microphone for taking calls while you run, if that’s your thing. They’re pretty cheap and the sound isn’t half bad for something this light, but compared to the PureMove they’re more like the Toyota of sports earphones—which is after all a very good thing indeed.