Wrap It Up in Style: Win These Custom Gadget Skins

Unboxing. For a gadget nerd, it’s the closest thing to sex since, well, sex. You know the feeling: you just got home from the Apple store, toting the most mind-bendingly awesome piece of electronic beef known to man since the last time they had a press conference. Rip off that shrink wrap. Slowly pull up the lid, breathing in that delicious new-gadget smell. And there it is: your shiny new baby, with nary a smudge on it, ready for you to put your greasy pads all over it. Awesome? Indeed.

Not so awesome: the same gadget two weeks later, looking like it just got back from a night out with Charlie Sheen. That is to say, covered in scratches and scuffs.

We get it; you want to keep that beauty looking brand new. Thankfully, our friends at Gelaskins are here to help. They’ve got custom protective covers for a huge array of devices: everything from XBOX360s and Guitar Hero controllers to Kindles, a huge array of phones and every iPod ever released. Trick it out with personalized graphics, selecting from their gallery of more than 1000 licensed pieces of art (or upload graphics from your computer for even more fun.) Get it shipped, get it on and get going. We’ve tried these out firsthand and they rule; the graphics are photo-quality and the skins are durable and easy to apply. We’ve got ten $25 gift codes to give away so you can get your hands on one yourself. Here’s how:

In the comments below, tell us your best (or worst) story about something that’s happened to your phone on a night out.

The 10 best comments get a $25 gift code to Gelaskins.

Giveaway closes Tuesday, Nov. 23.

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