Don’t Just Stare at It–Win One of These Movie Tees

It’s no secret that TSJ is staffed with a group of film geeks. That’s not to say our tastes are particularly mindblowing or of a high caliber, but, man, do we love us some classic Swayze or ‘splosive-heavy ’80s hits.

That’s why we’ve taken a particular liking to Below the Collar, an web shop of custom T-shirts with movie-influenced designs. Any film nerd will enjoy their collection of movie tributes, featuring everything from Mad Max and Roadhouse to American Psycho and Little Shop of Horrors.

Lucky for you, our friends at Below the Collar want to spread the wealth with a 20 percent discount for all TSJ readers, plus offer up some freebies, should you prove yourself worthy of the honor:

In the comments below, post a link to a video from your favorite movie given tribute to on a Below the Collar T-shirt.

The 10 best clips and comments get a free T-shirt of their choice from Below the Collar.

Giveaway closes Tuesday, Nov. 16.

Be sure to provide a legit e-mail address when you comment so we can contact you.

Sorry, U.S. contestants only.

Head over to Below the Collar to do your research, and don’t forget to use that sweet 20 percent discount (CODE: TSJ), in case your comment doesn’t make the cut.