Converse Rubber Tracks: Tennis + Recess

THIS WEEK, Converse Rubber Tracks shows off some short flicks featuring the Denver-based indie-rockers Tennis, and Recess, a band out of big sky country.

The “Oh Hello” segments root around the bands’ backgrounds — how the husband and wife duo that make up Tennis met in university and then lived on a boat before starting a band. I want to live on a boat. The Recess peeps didn’t live on water but they talk about how they relocated from Texas to Brooklyn, and why they called their band Recess.

This week’s “Track of the Week” also features some Recess action: The band lays down some instrumentals get their lyrics on target for their single “No Games.”

1. “Oh Hello” featuring Tennis 

2. Tennis’ hit, “Origins”

3. “Oh Hello” featuring Recess

4. “Track of the Week” featuring Recess


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