Stuff You Should Know: Getting In Fighting Shape


Fighting isn’t something you should take lightly. Especially if you’re hoping to not get your ass beat. If there’s one thing we know all about here at the Smoking Jacket, it sure as hell isn’t fighting. Seriously, we’re in no position to give out advice about how to get ready for a big fight. So we enlisted the help of someone who most definitely is.

Sugar Shane Mosley has racked up 46 wins in his long career as a professional fighter, 39 of those wins were by knockout. In other words, he knows a thing or two about fighting. This Saturday, May 7, he faces one of the biggest fights of his career when he goes up against Manny Pacquiao for the welterweight title in Las Vegas. You can see what’s on Shane’s mind in the lead-up to the big fight by checking out his Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

But we’ve done some of the research for you. We asked Sugar Shane Mosley for some tips on whipping yourself into fighting shape. Here’s what he recommends.



Has there ever been an exercise program that didn’t recommend stretching beforehand? No, there hasn’t. Do you do it as often as you should? No, you probably don’t. But getting ready to go 12 rounds is not the same as getting ready to max it out at 2.3 mph on the treadmill.

According to Mosley, stretching is “Very important! It warms up your muscles and gets you in fighting mode.”

Drink Water, Cut Soda


“You want to hydrate your body in order for it to perform at its highest level.”

No mention of alcohol though! We’re going to go ahead and assume that’s off-limits also. Unless you’re getting ready for a bar fight, in which case, drink up. If for no other reason than to maximize the entertainment value for those around you.

Eat Healthy


Bad news: Getting into fighting shape and tossing chili fries down your gullet do not go hand in hand. Shane suggests you eat healthy as part of your conditioning program. We asked for some examples. What he came back with is bleak, to say the least:

  • Salads
  • Chicken Breast
  • Eggs
  • Etc

Sounds delicious! Any chance that “etc” includes deep dish pizza or buffalo wings?



Well, this is the last time we trust an intern to find the photos for one of these articles.

Anyway, no, we don’t mean Reverend Run. And we certainly don’t mean run from your opponent, you pussy. Run as in exercise. “It’s to build up your stamina,” says Mosley.

You should probably be doing this even if you aren’t getting ready for a fight. We can think of all sorts of situations where stamina would come in handy. And yes, we’re talking about shooting porn, in case there was any doubt.

Jump Rope


Hey, look at that, it’s not just something boxers do in the movies!

Shane says it’s “essential in strengthening your leg muscles and to help with stamina.” See that? More about stamina. We can’t stress that enough. In fact, we can think of a few more situations when stamina would…never mind. We’re talking about porn again.



A strong base is important. It’s easy to forget about when you’re dealing with an activity that seems like it’s mostly upper-body work. But think about it, if there’s one thing you’re trying to do, it’s not fall. Strong legs should help with that.



“You need a strong core to help with balance” was the reason Mosley gave for this tip. But don’t forget, they’ll also come in handy if you plan to lift your shirt and pucker your lips like some Guido douchebag at a nightclub at some point. You may not have noticed, but those dudes almost always have ripped abs. And ridiculous hair.



“To help build your chest and arms, try to do 12 to begin. Three sets of four, or as many you can do in multiple sets.”

Twelve push-ups? Can we split those sets out over the course of a week?



“To help build your biceps and back muscles, try to do 20 (5 per set to begin).”

Well now you’re just asking for a miracle, Mr. Mosley.

Get Plenty of Rest


“Resting your body is one of the most important tips when training. If your body isn’t well rested, it won’t perform.”

Now that…we can totally do! Here’s a question. If we just get a whole bunch of extra rest, can we skip the exercise and the proper diet? We’re guessing that’s going to be a “no.”