Bonus Giveaway – Paul Movie Prizes Galore

Fugitive, celebrity, slacker, joker, alien.  In Paul, opening March 18, two comic-book geeks travel across the U.S. and accidentally encounter an alien outside Area 51.  The smart-ass alien, Paul, takes Simon Pegg and Nick Frost on an insane road trip.  Check out the trailer below:

In honor of this hilarious comedy, from the director of Superbad, we are giving away five prizes to one lucky winner.

The PAUL Giveaway includes:

- One (1) Limited Edition PAUL Mondo-Poster designed by artist Tom Whalen (only 225 will be printed!)

- One (1) $200.00 AMEX Gift Card

- One (1) Official PAUL T-Shirt, limited edition

- One (1) Pair of PAUL Alien Sunglasses

- One (1) PAUL Alien Lollipop

To win the Paul prizes, tell us what you would do if you “accidentally” ran into a little green man-alien.  Would you spend all day playing video games with him or would you actually take him on a tour of your city?  Maybe he’d inspire you to go on an insane road trip resulting in your transformation into an intergalactic hero.  The best story will be the winner.  Bonus points if you go see the movie and tell us what you think.

Contest closes Thursday March 24th.

Be sure to provide a legit e-mail address when you comment so we can contact you.

Sorry, U.S. contestants only.