Be a Three Minute Undershirt Expert

When Hanes did away with old school tags in the necks of T-shirts in favor of just inking in the sizing info, it eliminated one of the most persistent and scratchy pains any guy deals with. When we saw an ad on SportsCenter for the new Hanes Lay Flat Collar, we had to check out the latest undershirt technology MJ and Charlie Sheen would be pitching. Searching for details, we found an amazing online reference we never knew existed — .

Dedicated to everything undershirts, the site features Ask The Undershirt Guy (aka TUG) and sections on Sweat Management and Undershirt Style, covering everything from the best undershirt for back sweating, Jimmy Kimmell’s alleged use of Spanx and “The Evolution of the Undershirt.”

But does a dude really need to consult a website on matters dealing with undershirts?

You decide. Here are few examples of the wisdom of TUG:

TUG on the best undershirt for man boobs and excessive sweating:

“Use a layered undershirt approach. For the first layer, I’d recommend a tight, lightweight short sleeve compression top from Walmart, Target, or some other discount store which you should be able to get for around $10-$12 per shirt (or less on sale). This layer will serve a few purposes. First, the compression fit will help flatten your puffy nipples and will smoothen your chest so your man boobs are not so noticeable.”

TUG on undershirt length:

“My favorite undershirts are those that are lightweight, fitted, and cut a little longer. Having this combination of features assures me that:

  1. my outer shirts will lay nicely over my undershirt
  2. I won’t get the dreaded “bunch up” effect
  3. the shirt will stay tucked all day long, regardless of how I stretch or bend”

TUG on wearing just an undershirt:

“If your undershirt is clean, crisp, and fits and looks just like a regular unfitted casual t-shirt, go ahead and wear it.”

Hey, it worked for James Dean.

John Thomas, a Chicago-based writer, is the author of the novel Karaoke of Blood, the fist black comedy about the sex scandals in the Catholic Church.