4 Gadgets for Your New iPhone



And why not—tuition is probably not due for another few weeks, and Christmas presents are still a few months away.

But once you find out that you can’t really tell the difference between an A6 and an A7 chip from playing Minecraft on the can, and that the fingerprint scanner is cool but why oh why, you begin to think that perhaps the money would have been better spent accessorizing your laughably outdated iPhone 5 instead.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Divoom Bluetune-Solo Bluetooth speaker


The Bluetune Solo is a single speaker that plays music wirelessly from your laptop, phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

It also doubles as a speakerphone for your phone, and has a dedicated button that lets you answer calls without reaching for your phone.

The sound is not spectacular, but it’s a nice upgrade from whatever speaker is built in to your portable device. Setup is easy, it comes with a rechargeable battery, and the overall quality is pretty decent.

The design is fun and colorful, and the compact design makes it a perfect companion for the beach, park, or hotel room—just pop it in your bag, and your tunes are ready to go wherever you are.


2. Bem Wireless Speaker Trio

Bem wireless speaker trio

If you have a few rooms and would like to be wirelessly playing the same tunes in all of them, the Speaker Trio from Bem Wireless is just what you need.

Streaming music from one device to three separate speakers is undeniably cool. Setup is painless, and you can turn as many speakers as you need at any time.

The one drawback is the charger/docking station, which also serves as the Bluetooth receiver, meaning that you can’t stream directly from your phone or laptop to a speaker while on the road.

On the other hand, this baby allows you to seamless keep your favorite song playing anywhere around your house, which is very cool indeed.


3. Outdoor Tech Privates Headphones

Outdoor Tech Headphones

These rugged-looking headphones are both Bluetooth-enabled and come with an audio cable, in case you like old school wiring. They come in a variety of funky colors, sound pretty sweet, and are super comfortable.

What really sets them apart from the pack, however, is the integrated touch-pad on the right muff, which allows you to control your music with a swipe.

It took us a little getting used to, but once we had it down we could never go back—clicking is so 2012.


4. Mophie Power Station


The Mophie power station is really nothing more than an extra juice pack for your bag, but it’s nicely designed, not too heavy or bulky, and totally worth it to avoid your phone or tablet dying halfway through the day, leaving you with no way to entertain yourself while in line at Safeway.